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About us

Instead of solutions to problems,
Patterns for solutions

Patterns is a new type of

data operating system that encourages rapid prototyping, creative problem solving, and sharing of solutions to everyday data problems.

Instead of providing a specific solution to a narrow type of problem, Patterns provides building blocks that can be used to solve any data problem.

These building blocks are a complete toolkit that abstract over cloud infrastructure to provide a set of primitives that developers can use to build powerful applications, without the pain of managing the underlying infrastructure.

We combine this powerful toolkit with a web-based IDE so that you can prototype and deploy production applications from a single tool — removing friction, improving accessibility, and spawning collaboration so that everyone on the data team is a stakeholder.


Ken Van Haren image

Ken Van Haren


Chris Stanley image

Chris Stanley


Sam Nickolay image

Sam Nickolay

Software Engineer

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Jon Travis

VP Engineering

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AJ Alt

Software Engineer

Marty Mitchener image

Marty Mitchener

Front end developer