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Build next-generation data apps

Ship apps, pipelines, and automations, for you and your customers.
One platform, develop and deploy in minutes.

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Production-grade infrastructure for analytical + operational workflows

Patterns abstracts away micro-management of compute and storage and provides easy to configure system controls so that you can focus on shipping apps that create business value.

App = Code + Graph + Interfaces + Compute & Storage

End-to-end data systems without compromise. Composable, cloneable, run on your infra or anywhere else.


Build interfaces to your data and pipelines. Use as BI dashboards, monitoring tools, or as write-back interfaces to your database and external APIs.



Abstract away orchestration messiness and build production grade pipelines with our functional reactive execution protocol.



Build sophisticated pipelines in languages you already know - Python and SQL. Version control with GitHub, and release with CI/CD.


Compute & Storage

Run your apps on any infrastructure. Turn up processing with any CPU/GPU and store data in the best database for the job at hand.


Accelerate development with powerful

building blocks

Patterns provides powerful data abstractions called nodes that are automatically orchestrated by a reactive graph. Build data systems 10x faster. Focus on developing code specific to the problem you’re solving, not messy implementation details.


open-source components

Components encapsulate a sub-graph of nodes that contain commonly reused data workflows such as integrations to third-party APIs for ETL, Reverse ELT, enrichment APIs, ML models, and can even contain logic for entire data pipelines. Clone and contribute to our open-source marketplace of components.

Open source components

Version Control

Receive updated code from the Component developer with zero-effort. No need to pull git and redeploy a container.

Clone via the marketplace

Clone Components directly from the marketplace into your App for immediate use.

Build and share your own

Don't see a connector you need? Use our devkit complete with

helper methods helper methods and a testing framework to develop a robust API integration yourself.

Build truly

end-to-end apps

Patterns incorporates all functional requirements for building end-to-end data systems with clean interfaces between functional components - ingest, process, store, and serve data. No longer do you need to stich together different tools with unclear integration paths and leaky abstractions.

1. Ingest

ETLs, Event Streams, Databases, APIs

2. Process

Integrate, enrich, cleanse, aggreagate

3. Serve

APIs, Dashboards, BI Tools, Reverse ETL

End-to-end data system illustration

App examples

Apps are composable, defined by code, and easily cloned across accounts. Browse select apps below, explore more from our marketplace, build your own to share through the marketplace.

Scalable and Secure

Patterns is cloud native and can be used as a fully-managed product, alternatively bring-your-own database and use alongside

Modern Data Stack products.

SOC2 Type II Certification

Rest assured your data is in secure hands, we’ve obtained a SOC2 Type II certification that employs best practices in data security, management, and infrastructure.

Loved by builders

We were able to prototype and rapidly iterate parts of our data pipeline in a fraction of the time it would have taken to build out and orchestrate elsewhere. Felt like one person could 10x themselves and get a data-driven backend up and running in an afternoon. Being able to visualize and manipulate the pipeline with straightforward but powerful base components rewrote our own product roadmap and makes many formerly far off features implementable today.

Allen Romano
Co-founder and Chief Product Officer @ Logoi

When I came across Patterns it promised to 10x our data science. A month later we’ve integrated all major adtech platforms and are using Patterns for production pipelines, that’s more like a 100x.

Philippe Assef
Co-founder @ Bily

On Patterns we integrated, built data pipelines, and dashboards for all of our ads + marketing data. What we thought would take us a month, we shipped in a week. Abstracting away orchestration and data storage really did accelerate our development process.

Casey Donahue
Founder @ Optiwatt