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Patterns is a low-code data modeling and orchestration tool. It's a new kind of data operating system where you can build end-to-end data applications with Python and SQL limited only by your imagination.

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Integrate all your data

Patterns is the best tool to integrate any type of data. Start by cloning over 50+ integrations from our

marketplace, or develop one yourself using our flexible building blocks.

Have complete control over how your data flows. Ingest data via webhook, run data extraction jobs on a schedule, and process data in both streaming and batch modes.

Pre-built data integrations

Connect to 50+ fully managed data integrations to extract and load your data into clean schemas in minutes with zero-effort.

Custom integration devkit

Don’t see a connector you need? Use our devkit complete with

helper methods and a testing framework to develop a robust API integration yourself.

Streaming and batch pipelines

Ingest data streams with webhooks and build real-time processing pipelines. Alternatively, batch process data for ETL-like jobs that run on a schedule.


Analyze with your team

Analytics is a team effort with stakeholders across the technical spectrum - engineers, data scientists, analysts, and business folks.

Patterns makes it a collaborative experience with our unified framework for building pipelines in both SQL and Python with dashboards and effortless sharing features.


Automate to scale

A better way to sync data, reverse ETL and automate business processes. Connect to any tool in your stack and automate manual processes. Schedule pipelines to execute or trigger via

API and watch data flow to stakeholders and systems that depend on it.

Template Marketplace

Explore hundreds of pre-built applications and reuseable components to accelerate your problem solving. One click to clone, one click to deploy. All of the value, none of the headache -- get value fast!


Integrate all your GTM tooling and supercharge your organization with lead scoring and automation.


Outbound, inbound, performance marketing -- integrate all of your data sources, measure CAC, and automate the channels that are performing.


Follow the money, integrate your revenue tools, payroll and expense systems, and produce single source of truth reports everyone can trust.


Stop fraud, build complex AI/ML credit models, consolidate your tooling. Integrate with thirdparty data sources to get the data you need.


Power your team with automations that improve customer satisfaction, reduce overhead, and run like clockwork


Integrate your online storefront with your inventory and tracking systems to produce analytics and automations that work together.