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Instant data science workspaces

Blazing fast setup and implementation. Run projects from the cloud instantly with pre-configured database and compute

Patterns is designed to solve for problems facing cross-functional data teams who are obsessed with creating business value from data. Read about our design principles here and why you should use Patterns vs. other tools!

Start for free and scale

Practice Plan

  • 2GB RAM
  • 10GB Postgres Cloud DB
  • 100 CPU min/month

Explore Patterns

Building blocks for any data job

Build data apps from a complete set of powerful building blocks called nodes that are auto-magically orchestrated by our reactive graph (DAG). Build any data system you can imagine by assmbeling nodes in different ways.

Ingest data with Webhooks

Create endpoints and use webhooks to ingest data and trigger pipelines

Document and visualize your data flows with Markdown or Chart

Write functions in Python or SQL

Build API driven nodes and utilize the full power of the Python ecosystem

Process large quantities of data in batch with any SQL dialect

Store data in Tables or Streams

Read/write tables from Python and SQL nodes using our table object abstractionProcess streaming data in real-time with our stream abstraction

Modular Components you can clone and reuse in your apps

Share version controlled models, charts, and analytics with community members

The Brain for your data stack

Integrate with your existing data tools or directly with your business systems. Simplify your development and keep all your data workflows in one place. Power your systems with our flexible component architecture.