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Stock Market Bot

Analysis and alerting on stock market data with SQL and Python

What you're going to build:

A Patterns app that ingests stock market data and provide analytics on recent movements in the market. We chart tiem series stock market data, calculate historical returns for a given set of stocks, and set up an alert for Slack. Below we have a video that walks you through the app, and the actual app you can clone.

What you're going to learn:

  1. How to ingest data from a third-party API with a Python node
  2. How to add an API key as a secret
  3. How to build a SQL ETL pipeline and calculate stock performance metrics
  4. How to create charts and visualize your data
  5. How to create a data stream and send alerts through Slack with a re-useable component

Tutorial Video

  • 00:00 - Introduction to what we'll build
  • 1:55 - Learn how to ingest data with a Python node
  • 4:26 - Learn how to add an API key as a Secret
  • 6:58 - Query and build a SQL data pipeline
  • 12:43 - Learn how to build charts
  • 15:49 - Learn how to build a streaming data pipeline
  • 20:08 - Add a Slack component from the marketplace to send alerts

Build yourself, or clone the app here: