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Release - 01-30-23

Who thought that in 2023 we’d begin to question the entire landscape about how companies will use their data. Driven by our long-term vision that company data should be fuel, not exhaust, we couldn’t be more excited about what developers will build in this next AI wave.

Release - February 2022

We had a foundational month in February. After adding three members to our team and having a focused January, we happy to announce a series of product updates that you can read below:

Release - March 2022

For the month of March we set our focus on the Studio App development experience and shipped a number of foundational features that make it easy for anyone -- data engineers, scientists, and even less technical analysts -- to build production computational graphs in Patterns.

Release - May 2022

This month our team focused on improvement of existing feature sets, squashing bugs, and performance optimizations: