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Release - May 2022

This month our team focused on improvement of existing feature sets, squashing bugs, and performance optimizations:

  • Storage configuration - We improved the UI/UX for linking nodes in your graph. Now, edges are implied by your function code and if stores don't exist, the app highlights this configuration detail and asks you to add streams/tables if they don't exist.
  • Parameters - Paramater configuration just got 10x easier. We now provide users with a drop-down menu of all avalaible parameters instead of requiring them to follow a specific syntax rule eg. ${{parameter_name}}.
  • Code completion - Both Python and SQL IDEs now have code completion for core Patterns objects such as tables, streams, and parameters. First time users can now begin using core Patterns objects almost without reading any documentation.
  • 10x speed increase - We've implemented optimizations for graph saving and versioning, which accelerated some UI features by 10x.
  • Bug fixing - We've had a backlog of bugs from new feature development that this month we began to solve. Many of the improvements above automagically fixed bugs, but there were a host of others that required specific attention that we attended to this month.