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Release - March 2022

For the month of March we set our focus on the Studio App development experience and shipped a number of foundational features that make it easy for anyone -- data engineers, scientists, and even less technical analysts -- to build production computational graphs in Patterns.

  • In app code editing, saving, and deployment of graphs - This feature set is a game-changer. Most data science products in the market require separate tooling for development and deployment of data pipelines. Now with Patterns anyone can deploy solutions from our web UI without having to touch a single piece of cloud infrastructure.
  • Support for Components - No one likes writing code from scratch that they know someone has already written. This is particularly true for data engineers who often need to integrate common data sources, such as APIs from SaaS vendors like Stripe or Salesforce. Now you can use one of our many pre-built components by just dragging/dropping a component into your graph.
  • Try Runs - When developing a node, it's common to only want to 'test' a node, and not write any of it's output data to storage. Now you can select for a node to 'run' or 'try' which allows you to test code before it's deployed and set to execute on production data stores.