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Release - June 2022

Marketplace, dashboards, connections, and our new name... Patterns

  • Marketplace - A core value prop to our product is the ability to share, discover, and clone entire data solutions. This can be either a single component to your product, like a Python script to ingest Stripe Charges, or a whole use case like an ML model to score new inbound leads and sync'ing this data with Salesforce. With our Marketplace now live, anyone can discover, share, and clone components and data apps.
  • Dashboards - Patterns is now great for sharing your analytical work with external stakeholders with dashboards. Now you can drag and drop views of your markdown, chart, or table nodes into a view only dashboard for sharing with external stakeholders via public or private url.
  • Connections - There are now two ways to authenicate with external services. From day 1 we supported secrets, used in authentication calls to external APIs and services. Now you can authenticate with OAuth and use the provided token in API
  • Patterns, our new name - After much deliberation and thought, we've decided to rebrand to Patterns. We think this is a better name to communicate our full vision of building a data warehouse operating system, with reuseable components and entire data apps (patterns...)