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Release - July 2022

The Graph is Alive

User interface and interactivity is one way we differentiate our product. To that end, this month we implemented websockets and animated our graph with events coming from the server to communicate the state of our data graph at any point in time. With a client app, api server to manage, and cloud infrastructure where the functions actually execute, this was a cross-functional feature in the making for the past few months. Never again be left in the dark about the state of your pipelines.

Introducting Apps

As we continue our development on dashboards, it didn't seem write that we were calling everything a Graph, we need a new term to encapsulate the idea of a directed graph and dashboard as user interface objects --- we arried at App.

IDE modal

It's hard to keep an entire system in your head at the same time. Graphically laying out your data flow is incredibly helpful for understanding complex system. Even more helpful is being able to have multiple IDE windows open at the same time.

New node designs

The graph is an incredibly powerful interface, and can help with communicating complex ideas if make intuitive enough. In Patterns the graph can contain python or SQL functions

OAuth and Shopify

We layed foundational work for secure OAuth connections to authenticate access to push/pull data to external systems such as SaaS APIs. The first one we implemented was Shopify.