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Release - April 2022

This week we added a number of core features, please see below for details.

  • Explicit Stores - Before, a node's storage (table or stream) was contained within the node abstraction. This made it difficult for a user to understand 'where' their data lives and 'how' their node wrote data to those stores. We made the decision to make node stores explicity objects in the graph and UI to make this more clear to the user.
  • Isolated Envs - Customers can now sign-up for Patterns and are granted isolated compute and storage environments in GCP. This improves individual and aggregate scalability of the Patterns platform.
  • Chart nodes - Developers can now utilize Vega-lite chart capabilitiesto specify visualizations for table data.
  • Webhook nodes - Developers can now utilize webhooks in their graphs. After you drag+drop a webhook, you receive an endpoint that you can send arbitrary data to.
  • Organizations - Teams can now collaborate together in Patterns with our organization settings feature.
  • Social Auth - Login wih your Google account using Auth0.