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Release - 01-30-23

Who thought that in 2023 we’d begin to question the entire landscape about how companies will use their data. Driven by our long-term vision that company data should be fuel, not exhaust, we couldn’t be more excited about what developers will build in this next AI wave.

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New Apps this month that you can clone:

Backend Improvements:

  • Define your own requirements.txt - add a file with the dependencies you want, then add the line requirements_file: requirements.txt to the top of your graph.yml file. The requirements will be downloaded when running a python node in your graph. (link to docs)
  • Super charged webhooks - added new capabilities for real-time processing of data and automatically scaling to handle thousands of concurrent requests per second.

Patterns Studio Improvements:

  • Edit node parameters and visualize data from with the graph with new “Form view” and “Data view” modes for Python, SQL, and Table nodes. (link to docs)
  • Add a to your App and reference nodes directly to focus the viewport. (link to docs)
  • Add icons to any of your nodes (link to docs)
  • Click and drag to resize nodes
  • Automatically theme your charts with new Vega-lite themes
  • View node state more easily from a dedicated JSON viewer
  • Unlimited charts and scroll for dashboards (before you could only add 8)
  • Dashboards now have a “Presenter View”