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Partner Program

Become a Patterns Partner Today

Patterns partnership agreements help teams:

  • Increase sales velocity to new customer segments
  • Facilitate upsell opportunities to higher margin products
  • Increase LTV of existing customers

What is Patterns?

Patterns is an accessible, scalable, zero-compromise framework for building data apps and pipelines for any complexity and use case. We are a new kind of data operating system that empowers customers to build end-to-end data applications with Python and SQL. As a general-purpose product combined with a marketplace, Patterns provides a single environment for data modeling, data pipelines, ETL, SQL or Python transformations- completely custom or cloned pre-built solutions from the Marketplace.

Why should I choose Patterns?

  • Managed infrastructure → Don’t waste time spinning up k8s clusters. Patterns comes with managed data warehouse and compute so you can start creating business value from day 1.
  • Re-useable applications → Don’t rebuild the same thing for different clients over and over again, simply clone existing Patterns Apps that just work.
  • A single shared interface → When your clients are less technical, it’s hard to engage and handoff a tool that might exceed their technical expertise. Patterns has a single interface for both technical/non-technical users making it easy to talk about a project and hand-off when finished.
  • Extensible → Never be limited by your data tool, or having to buy another one! Patterns gives you low-level building blocks - python, sql, table, stream - that can be configured in any imaginable way to construct business logic to solve a business problem.
  • Marketplace → have an opportunity to market your solution to the entire Patterns ecosystem via ecosystem apps and components

Partnership Benefits

The Patterns Partner Program highlights agencies and consulting firms that showcase enterprise expertise in implementing Patterns for their customers:

  • Recognition as a Patterns Partner: Your company’s logo will be listed in the Patterns Partners Page, within the Patterns Marketplace, and provided as an option for by the Patterns Sales teams to prospective customers.
  • Patterns Partners Technical Support: Your team will have the opportunity to receive personalized training for providing simple, repeatable, and scalable solutions with the Patterns platform led by a Patterns product expert. You will also have exclusive access to a technical team to help with any questions.
  • Free Patterns Professional Account: As your team brings on their first customer, you will have access to a free Professional tier account at Patterns- empowering your team to collaborate in shared workspaces with clients.
  • Co-Marketing Content Development: You will work with the Patterns marketing team to co-develop marketing content- including joint blog posts, sharable apps, and webinars.
  • Preferred Patterns Partners will also be routed opportunities from the Patterns sales teams for custom implementation.

Application Process

  1. Fill out the Patterns Contact Us page and select “Partnerships” as your Inquiry Category
  2. Meet and Greet Call: A meeting for us Patterns to get a better understanding of how your team works, your goals, and any existing work with the Patterns product.
  3. Partner Agreement: Patterns will sign a partnership agreement that outlines how we will collaborate.