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Studio IDE

The Studio IDE is the interface you use to build Patterns apps. It's made up of three primary areas:

  • Graph - The graph is the primary view for arranging nodes, seeing their relationships, and visualizing the graph as it executes.
  • Editor - Editor Python, SQL, Chart, and markdown nodes.
  • Dashboard - Layout Chart, Table, or Markdown nodes in user friendly presentation format.


  • The primary view for your App.
  • Add and configure nodes directly in the graph.
  • Explore their relationships and run your graph from this view.


  • A code editor for any of your node types.
  • View your nodes logs and explore previous executions with the timeline
  • Explore and configure input/output nodes and their schemas from this view


  • Add Chart, Table, or Markdown nodes in user friendly presentation format.
  • Get a link to share with colleagues

Data View and Form View options for graph nodes

  • By default Python/SQL/Table nodes render as single cell icons in the graph.
  • You can optionally toggle Python/SQL nodes that contain parameters to a "form view" so that you can edit the parameters directly in the graph.
  • Table nodes can be toggled to "date view" to render the actual table in the graph.
  • To access form/data views, go to node settings and find the toggle. Shown below.

Add icons to any of your nodes

Click on the settings tab of any node and find the "icon_url" field. Upload your icon to any storage and paste the URL here.