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Adding and Connecting Nodes

Adding Nodes

Graph's have an add button in the top left corner of the graph that provide a dropdown of Nodes that can be added to the graph. You can also use the

A hotkey to toggle the dropdown followed by the corresponding node's hotkey.

Adding a node within Patterns


Nodes can also be added through the marketplace which can be opened from the Add dropdown, clicking "Search Components" in the top navbar or using the

/ hotkey

Addign a node with Pattern's Marketplace

Connecting nodes

Nodes can be connected with code or through the contextual add button.


table = Table("my_table")


select *
from {{ Table("my_table") }}

After you've added a Table reference, you will gain the ability to connect the reference to a node within the graph.

How to connect a node within Patterns

Note: If your table reference matches the name of an existing table, it will be implicitly connected.