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CoDev, your AI roadmap accelerated

Patterns invites you to CoDev - a collaborative-development program.

CoDev’s goal is to align our development efforts to yours so that we can most efficiently work together to build cool AI tech that makes a difference.

CoDev has 3 parts:

  1. Prototype Development - As a prospective user, work with us in a “few-week-intensive” to launch a proof-of-concept prototype application on Patterns.
  2. Product Development - As a current user, give input and feedback to our product roadmap. Help shape future product design, infrastructure, and security at Patterns. Tell us what you want the product to do, how it should work, look, and feel.
  3. Marketplace Development - Sell apps and components. Get funding to build apps and components. Find customers and provide professional services. Shape the marketplace user experience.

Who is CoDev for?

  • Startups - Are you looking to develop a product where AI is core to your user experience? Do you want to scale your operations with AI driven go-to-market or customer support workflows?
  • Enterprises - Are you looking to add an AI feature to your product? Want to update your existing NLP infrastructure with LLMs? Do you have a proprietary dataset that you can leverage into a competitively advantaged product? Are you looking to learn how LLMs can create operational efficiencies?
  • Developers and agencies - Do you want to contribute to our marketplace? Are you looking to resell Patterns? Do you want to provide development services to our customers?

Prototype Development

Accelerate your AI roadmap with this simple and risk-free project structure for the development of proof-of-concept AI applications.

How it works?

  1. Come with your own project idea or work with us to generate one. After 1-2 meetings, we’ll generate a sized project scope for you.
  2. We size projects as either:
    1. Small - projects that take less than 1 week. Usually cloning an existing app and custom configuration. Cost: $4,000.
    2. Medium - projects that take 1-2 weeks. Usually where custom development is required. Cost: $8,000.
    3. Large - projects that take 2-4 weeks. Usually where custom development is paired with planned iterative feedback cycles. Cost: $12,000.
  3. Patterns is responsible for implementation, project management, and delivery. If you have internal resources to contribute, we would love to work with them. If you just want technical advisory, that already comes included in a business plan license.
  4. Payment terms are 50% upfront, 50% at completion.
  5. Full-refund if you’re not satisfied, no questions asked.
  6. And of course, a Patterns swag bag.


  1. Develop a successful prototype that makes an impact.
  2. Support client company on their future AI roadmap. If needed, introduce them to additional developer resources via our marketplace partners.

Start building today

To get started, email

In the email please mention 1) your idea, or if you’d like us to generate one with you 2) your company website and linkedin 3) when do you want to start the project? 4) who else will be working with from your side.

Product Development

Our product development program is rolling program with monthly meetings for existing and prospective customers who want to help drive our product roadmap in areas such as functionality, user experience, design, integrations, deployment infrastructures and security.

How it works

  1. You must be either a current paying customer or a prospective customer engaged via a letter-of-intent.
  2. Get access to the living, breathing product roadmap and influence it’s direction via monthly product development meetings.
  3. Get your short-term feature requests prioritized and align on long-term product strategy.
  4. Work hands-on with the Patterns team to co-develop secure deployments on customer clouds.
  5. And of course, a swag bag.

Here’s our Teaser Roadmap


  1. Retention and adoption of Patterns among CoDev partners.
  2. Cross-company coordination and to realize long-term efficiencies.

Next Steps

To get started, please send an email to

Please let me know if you're a current user or prospective user interested in a letter-of-intent engagement.

Marketplace Development

Our Marketplace Development program is where technology and service providers can provide value to Patterns’ app marketplace, current and prospective customers. For marketplace partners, Patterns will provide learning and development support and resources in addition to product discounts, and revenue sharing opportunities.

How does it work?

  1. Build apps apps and components to sell on the Patterns Marketplace. We’re still working on monetization details here, but the marketplace will likely function just like an app store.
  2. Get paid by Patterns (we have a $250k budget this year) to build highly requested apps and components that we will give for free to our user base.
  3. After becoming a verified implementation partner, we will send you leads to customers who need help with implementing Patterns.
  4. After becoming a verified reseller partner, we will work with your team to resell Patterns to your customer base and reward you via a revenue sharing agreement.
  5. We will also be developing product feature such as member profiles, upvoting, commenting etc. to support our marketplace. We hope that you will contribute to our marketplace product roadmap as well.


  1. Provide standard ways of interacting with Patterns marketplace and customers.
  2. Provide incentives and standard operating procedures for consulting firms and agencies to bring their customer base to Patterns.

Next Steps

To get started, please send an email to