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Ken Van Haren

Businesses across the board are experiencing rising costs and a shift in the consumer environment. In order to maintain a consistent profit margin, businesses need to have a flexible approach to pricing their products. In order to properly maintain a consistent net profit, a pricing strategy needs to incorporate:

  • Higher shipping costs
  • Supply chain disruptions (and associated price increases)
  • Inventory costs rising
  • Tightening price competition
  • Customers losing purchasing power
Ken Van Haren

The Missing Operating System

To get value from your data today requires a dozen separate systems, one for data ingestion, one for data ETL and transformation, one for data visualization, another for orchestration and automation, another for "reverse ETL", yet another for machine learning operations, one for data lineage, one for data quality -- you get the idea. This is the "Homebrew computer club" days of cloud data -- you have to patch these systems together, be an expert in each, constantly battle incompatibilities, and re-discover every small solution at every step.

Chris Stanley

Hello world!

With Patterns any engineer, data scientist, or analyst can build production pipeline in minutes - fast and functional :)

Stay tuned for updates :)