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Chris Stanley

Lead Scoring and Routing with Patterns and PDL

Ensuring that a sales team is focused on the “right” opportunities is an essential part of an operations team’s responsibilities. Pursuing leads with a scatter-shot approach often leads to wasted sales and marketing resources. The path to conversion for leads includes various nurturing steps that are traditionally owned by marketing. Then, when certain inflection points are hit and those leads become “Sales Ready”, sales assumes ownership for the remainder of the buying journey.

Lead scoring is a foundational concept that allows marketers to measure prospect engagement and interest in your product Factors include demographics (ex. Job title, seniority) and firmographics (ex. Company size, industry). This results in a consistent, quantifiable, and testable approach to managing the marketing to sales handoff and can lead to higher close rates.

People Data Labs’ Person Enrichment and Company Enrichment products are ideal for providing much of the demographic and firmographic data points necessary to effectively score leads. When paired with Patterns’ data operating system, implementing lead enrichment, scoring, and routing becomes a simple process that combines speed, transparency, and reproducibility within a flow that can be implemented in just a few easy steps.

What is People Data Labs?

People Data Labs builds B2B data for developers, engineers, and data scientists.

They empower their clients to build and scale innovative data-driven products using 3 billion unique, highly-accurate B2B records. Every day, their clients use People Data Labs’ data to build person profiles, enrich person records, power predictive modeling, drive artificial intelligence, and build new tools to make their teams more efficient, productive, and successful

People Data Labs is proud to be the preferred data partner to the data science and engineering teams building the next generation of data-driven products and services. They are the single source of truth in B2B data serving enterprise and startup clients across a range of data-enabled businesses.

Patterns and People Data Labs

Patterns offers pre-built components for hundreds of apps, including our new People Data Labs Integration. This means that you can now easily include features like Person Enrichment and Company Enrichment directly into your workflows.

For example, we can now dynamically deploy person and company enrichment within an existing lead scoring and routing model:


Deploying the Lead Flow App with Person and Company Enrichment

  1. Create accounts for both People Data Labs and Patterns
  2. Retrieve your PDL API key, and create a new connection in Patterns
  3. Clone the Lead Scoring App Template into your organization in Patterns
  4. In the external system that handles lead intake, configure the Patterns webhook as an endpoint to receive data every time a new lead is processed
  5. Configure the PDL component by adding the PDL API Key Secret as a parameter value
  6. Configure the Slack component by adding the incoming webhook URL

This is an example of a simple configuration of lead scoring using a webhook as input and Slack channel as output. This template can be configured differently to ingest data from a database, CRM, or any API that contains your lead data. Additionally, you can also configure Patterns to export enriched and scored leads to your CRM, email marketing tool, or database of your choice.

Closing Thoughts

Patterns provides an amazing layer for managing data pipelines, empowering users to create automations that ensure the right data is in the right place at the right times. People Data Labs’ products and features allow you to easily enrich your leads directly from our industry-leading “person” and “company” datasets without the complexity of managing a data pipeline.

As seen in this overview, we can easily incorporate a variety of lead sources into a single flow to enrich, score, and route highly actionable leads. This includes the best data available for phone numbers, emails, job titles, locations, demographics, and more- funneled into your CRM, and more importantly, directly into your team’s workflow. There are many other opportunities for teams to incorporate person and company enrichment data into workflows. Patterns provides the flexibility to deploy specific solutions for narrow use-cases. If you have any questions or suggestions about the Patterns/PDL use-cases, please get in touch with one of our data consultants today!