We combine expert data talent with our AI data platform, Atoma, to offer cost-effective analytics and automation solutions.

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Problems we solve

Implement  >  Analyze  >  Automate

Implement cloud data warehouses
Implement data replication and ETL
Analyze sales and marketing data
Analyze customer usage data
Analyze inventory, shipping and fulfillment data
Analyze operations, revenue, costs
Automate customer re-marketing
Automate pipeline generation for B2B Sales
Automate lead scoring and CRM enrichment
Automate alerts and reports on trends and outliers
Automate predicting, and prevent customer churn
Automate customer support questions with LLMs
Automate business intelligence with LLMs

Our Tech Advantage

Autoform - data automation platform

Our proprietary data automation platform. Connect to any database and build pipelines in python and SQL that model and visualize your data. Build dashboards, reports and automations. Integrate with modern data tools like dbt, Fivetran, Snowflake, and more.

Atoma - AI data copilot

A SQL and python code gen AI tuned to your company’s data for database querying, question answering and visualization. Unblock non-technical users from accessing data and superpower technical analysts. Enable hybrid Human + AI service experiences through Slack, email, or anywhere with an API.

Work with us

Flexible plans for scaling teams

- Implementation: Hire us for scoped implementation projects to set up core data infrastructure like cloud data warehouses and data replication/ETL pipelines. Our team is experienced implementing Snowflake, BigQuery, Databricks, or Redshift for cloud data warehouses. For data replication we can setup click and go solutions like Fivetran, Supermetrics, or Airbyte and write custom data ingestion pipelines.

- Data team as-a-service: Retain us on a monthly basis to build out analytical and automation solutions that leverage our proprietary platform. We will model your data, setup analytical reporting and alerting, sync data with external tools and provide 24/7 support for on-demand analytical answers with our AI data copilot.
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